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Avoid Women That Smoke Weed - Don't Date A Pot Head - 4/20 day (Advice For Men)

Advice on dating smoker

She either needs to accept it as part of who he is and drop it, or move on if she really cannot date a smoker. Trust me…smokers know how bad it is for them. I grew up surrounded by addiction a long, terrible story , and I knew that I could never be with someone for the rest of my life who was addicted to anything. He can also look into support groups, patches and products to help him quit, and lots and lots of chewing gum. Estela Weekly Bite March 11, , Allie Live Laugh Eat March 11, ,

Advice on dating smoker

I have already realised that ultimatums and yelling does not help. It only lasted about 6 months though and I started to smoke again, then quit again, then smoke again, then quit again, etc. Smoking is not good for your boyfriend, for you, or for your future children. Jessica The Process of Healing March 11, , 1: The other day he told me that he has already started looking for a house for us and that he plans to marry me next year and wants to start a family a year later. Unless you avoid your partner altogether while they smoke, you are getting exposed to some degree or another. Then last month I just said alright I've enjoyed smoking enough and I stopped smoking, it was hard-ish for days but now I don't even think about it and it's been a month. And I actually happen to be in the same boat. We got together a few weeks after he quit and things were going great both for us and his quitting — he was on the patch , but he started smoking again a year later when he was living at home between college and grad school. Leave knowing that this decision means you may never be with him again!! Cat March 11, , 1: I do joke with him that I am taking out a life insurance policy on him when we get married in the next 2 years. This was the first person that I really cared about after getting out of a bad relationship and the first person that I actually wanted to commit myself to. Freya Brit Chick Runs March 11, , 1: He has to be ready to quit in order to quit. I started to avoid smoking when she was around and even when I was with her I'd only smoke away from her and won't do it much she would know about it, it's just that I didn't wanted her to see me smoking. Hopefully in time he will be ready to quit and will be successful in his attempt to do so. I think it is a slippery slope for sure, because we need to love them in spite of their faults, but often those faults can be unhealthy. Worse still, if you used to smoke and successfully quit, having a partner who smokes will make you much more likely to relapse. Dawn March 11, , I would advise this reader to acknowledge that she cannot possibly understand the nature of his addiction and to ask her boyfriend to be honest with her when he is craving a cigarette and both of them can partake in an alternate activity go work out, eat a lollipop, etc. Amanda March 11, , 1: But my dad tried to quit once and just kept starting again. But that he was doing it for himself, not FOR me. I smoked for about a year and half started summer , but didn't become regular cigarettes everyday kind of smoker until December , and for the past four months I tried to quit but I couldn't or rather I never really tried seriously as I would stop for a day and then buy a new pack the other day. I just hope he makes the right decision in the future. Yes, but I quit.

Advice on dating smoker

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