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Alex and eliana dating

Thacker, a dancer and choreographer before he became a producer, sees a correlation. Though after Nathan kills Jaden in an attempt to save Alex, Alex tells Nathan to leave and never come back. Eventually she managed to reconcile with Nikita and was able to betray Amanda and Ari. What do you Russians build with anyway? Alex and Nikita are currently of good terms, Nikita often snuck into Alex's mansion to greet her hello or to see how she was doing, while Alex briefly moved into her childhood home. She takes them after a heated argument with Sean in the medical facility, which is stocked with drugs, and because her bullet wound started to hurt. She later assisted Nikita in her raid on Division, which ended successfully with the deaths of Percy and Roan, and with Ryan Fletcher placed by the US government to be Division's Director. Alex was surprised when she told him to go to London with the fake diamonds that he did not know about. But later gave it away to a close friend, since she said its not who she wants to be and want to help Nikita since it is her fight too.

Alex and eliana dating

As of the end of Season One, Alex refuses to run off with Nikita and Michael, instead forging her own path. On Monday, So You Think begins its 15th season on Fox, to the surprise of pretty much everyone involved. That was clear to Sabetha Mumm, who founded a dance studio in Johnston, Iowa, in Season 2 Alex was working with Division to gather the Intel and resources she needed to reclaim her birthright. Nikita spots signs of Alex and Nathan's relationship beginning to take a romantic turn, and she warns Alex that Division will know if she proceeds. Winners have gone many routes: Alex currently is using her abilities to help lower the rate of Human Trafficking by her ability of talking and influencing others. Nikita quickly awoke when Roan was about to " clean " her body. Nikita then disappears and Alex is arrested and blamed for killing Kyle. The two become good friends, and he urges her to tell him of her real life and career after an odd dinner with Michael. In Echoes it was evident that Alex was terrified that she may eventually kill Jaden, even on purpose. Nikita has even accused herself of being Alex's "Fairy God Mother". She and Nikita contact each other through encrypted email when Alex is allowed on the computers. Although Alex can for the most part control herself from not taking drugs or alcohol, she isn't allowed to take any type of drugs, such as pain pills, due to the fact that she might relapse. Nikolai owned the billion-dollar company Zetrov , which Alex was the sole heir of. Alex and Amanda would often take the roles of teenage rebellious daughter and mother. Alex does not like Amanda nor want to liked her, yet Amanda and Alex seem to have an unique understanding of each other. Michael has always protected Alex and she even accused him of being her guardian angel. However, Alex leans towards the mother figures, like Amanda and Nikita, to give her comfort and support. After Alex gets sick of waiting at Division and hurt after her and Sean's conversation, she tells Nikita she's going on the mission to Amanda's house with her. When Amanda first met Alex, she instantly was reminded of Nikita and wanted her cancelled in fear of another "Nikita" situation happening again. After Nikita succeeds in helping Alex past the worst part of her addiction, she starts to train her both mentally and physically to be fit to stay one step ahead of Division. And that stormy, sensual style has come to dominate dance in film, TV and in music videos, as well as on the sizable competition dance circuit, where many So You Think alumni teach. This eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship as Thom finished his training as recruit. Sam Matthews - Alex's Boyfriend since the fourth season.

Alex and eliana dating

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    When a mission to assassinate the president of Chad is compromised, she and Birkhoff work together to find information to use against Danforth and discover that he has been secretly training SEALs in a killhouse mock-up of Division in preparation for a clean sweep. Alex does not like Amanda nor want to liked her, yet Amanda and Alex seem to have an unique understanding of each other.

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    Deciding that everyone needs to know the truth, Alex goes in front of Ops and explains the situation to all of them. In season 2, Alex and Amanda are "business partners.

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    This deeply affects Alex, who sees the failure to rescue Larissa as Nikita's fault.

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    She is searching for the younger version of herself she has been trying to protect throughout her dream, yet finds that, in this scenario, she and Nathan are married with a young daughter.

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    Alex and Amanda Sean Pierce - Alex's love interest. As of episode 4, it appears Alex is starting to relapse into drugs; however, it is just taking pain pills that she is starting to get addicted to.

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