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Code geass dating sim

Spared by the Adaptation: Under the Ashford Academy routes, Rai successfully protects everyone from terrorists by using his Geass, but once his power is outed he opts to mindwipe everyone and go on the run. Rai crossed this in his backstory, when his Geass went out of control and the entire population of his nation marched to their deaths in battle, including his mother and sister, the ones he wanted to protect the most. Rai's opposition to Zero costs him the full support of the Liberation Front's backers the Kyoto Six, costing him the resources and support he enjoyed in the anime. Tamashii Web Shop exclusive. Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Colors. The Brittanian Army route has him learn of his ties to Brittanian Royalty, while the Japanese Liberation Front route has him learn of his Japanese roots. Rai tries to press the issue, and in return Milly says he can pay her back by helping with the Student Council. The story focuses on Rai Sumeragi-Hodges as he uncovers the fragments of his past, and read it all through as he take revenge on people who caused his life in supreme chaos.

Code geass dating sim

Lost Colors videos on Twitch! Perfect Guide Event Gallery. Also, this video has a better quality when expanded. As the lord of his own territory, he tried to use his Geass to inspire his soldiers to fight to the death against an invading force. He Is Not My Boyfriend: When Rai joins the Black Knights, she has this reaction when her fellow Knights tease her about him. If you've seen the anime, than you'll really love this game. By the end of their fight Guilford sees Rai as this, praising him for fighting well even as he prepares to finish Rai off. Find reviews, trailers, release dates, news, screenshots, walkthroughs, and more for Code Geass: I've been looking around for a translation for this game or at least an indication that someone was working on it but unfortunately I've had no success. Lost Colors resource with reviews, wikis, videos, trailers, screenshots, cheats, walkthroughs, previews, news and release dates. It's a role playing game that lets you pilot a knightmare, choose who you'd want to date from Code Geass, you can also join the Black Knights, join the Britannian army,. Something that I found around on the internet. Rai can get the option of becoming one of Princess Cornelia's Royal Guards if he sufficiently impresses her. This page lists the scenes that occur during the end of the various routes in this game. On the other hand, spending time with Kallen has her decide to recruit Rai into the Order of the Black Knights. It fails and he's brought away by a sympathetic Nonette, but he effectively abandons his rank, his comrades and his princess. Incase you didn't know it existed. But for now, the quick and dirty and workable version. Rai's Japanese mother, his sister and Rai himself were viewed as 'outsiders' and discriminated against. Adorably, Princess Cornelia can act like this at times. Post anything from anywhere! Create New Code Geass: Lost Colors sur PlayStation 2: After introductions, Lelouch again demands the young man's name, at which point the youth reveals he is suffering from Memory Loss. The "Blue Moon" endings are in a church with Rai and his chosen love-interest.

Code geass dating sim

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