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Creative ways to answer a date

Ring doorbell and run! Share them with us! Go to the person's house. Good Fortune Slip the date information into a fortune cookie. And for Sr Prom just a few days ago, this guy asked me so I got a piece of plywood and wrote: You could leave little hints in his classes, and have your answer if it's a yes , announced over the intercom. Have fun, be creative, he expects it, believe me!

Creative ways to answer a date

And quickly before he asks someone else. The new words give the information about the date. I doubt that he needs any clever answer, just a simple, "Yes I'd love to" or "No, thanks for asking but. Go to the person's house. You could also take your date out to Chinese food and work it out with the restaruant ahead of time to give your date the "prepared" fortune cookie if you do it that way, you should have an unwrapped cookie for you too so it doesn't seem too obvious. I think a cute idea is to send him a text that says "I'll go to prom with you when pigs fly" during school. If you're the one being asked, be sure to check out our creative ways to answer page too. Inflate the balloons and tie them together with ribbon or make a bouquet out of them. Do you work or go to school with someone and know that they really love a particular muffin or other baked good? As for how long you should wait before you answer, consider his personality and how you think he'll react. However you choose to ask someone out, just make sure that you do ask. Buy an ad in the campus or local newspaper. Laminate it or wrap it tightly in tin foil and a ziplock bag. Everyone likes to be complimented on their taste. You write it like a fortune cookie message i. Have other ideas for creative ways to ask a girl to a dance or creative ways to ask a guy to a dance? That has novelty and is fun. The way he asks and answers just shows a lot about his personality. When your date answers the door, drive the car up and deliver the invitation. Some good candies to use: That's my 2 Cents. I thought it was hilarious! Map it out and be creative in how many steps and what kind of steps to take from place to place. You'll go further in the dating world if you are down-to-earth and honest in your relationships. Tape messages along the string such as, "I'm not just stringing you along. Kid's Stuff Borrow a remote control car from a younger sibbling or neighbor or did yours out of the closet and tape the invitation to it.

Creative ways to answer a date

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