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Dating kylie how to win

Make sure you complete an app-related task to get energy. Tap to collect them and fill the star meter. Tap a goal to mark it and all pointers related to the goal will bob. Tap, tap, and tap some more! Most major events in the game take three to eight hours and waste all of your energy to complete, so going out on a date is quick and fun alternative. Of course, if you get seen with Kendall and Kylie. Vlogging events or sharing posts with your followers will also earn you coins. Shows your current level.

Dating kylie how to win

Open your gift boxes Throughout Kendall and Kylie, there are three types of available giftboxes waiting in the lower lefthand corner. Kendall and Kylie Game is easy and quite addictive if you are into celeb-themed games, such as Britney Spears: You earn an energy bolt every minutes, so if you are low, hold off on starting a new activity until you have plenty of energy to complete it. There are one to four bonuses hiding depending on your location. Gift boxes can be opened for free. You get XP by tapping on pointers and sharing posts with your followers. Some will try their best to bring you down whereas others will help you achieve stardom. Basically, K-gems are premium currency that you can earn after leveling-up or completing an achievement. Press Okay when you will be prompted to share a post and get your rewards. You will also learn how to make the most of them. You get them once. Regardless of how you stand on reality TV mega-stars, Kendall and Kylie, their iPhone game is a ton of fun to play. Share them in the comments below. When you post selfies or other media in-game, they can give you likes or share your posts, causing you to reach a larger audience and gain more followers — just like on Twitter or Facebook. There are various types of achievements and newer ones are added every now and then. When the level meter fills up, you will get cash, energy refill and K-gems as level-up rewards. A gift box may also contain stickers. If you hate wait times, then there are always K-gems, but I would suggest you use K-gems for other important stuff like adding contacts or decreasing wait times. Tap on achievements to check what it takes to complete one. You can buy items that give you more energy in the Kendall and Kylie game but there are other ways to boost your energy without shelling out your hard-earned cash. Once ready, you can share your selfie by posting it to your feed. Game Guide Kendall and Kylie game: They will be added to your contacts. Follow our tips and tricks and you could be, like, totally the most popular socialite in Calabasas, California! Getting five stars in a goal will fetch you more rewards and will also let you post a vlog or selfie that will earn you extra XP and cash as well as more followers and likes on your posts.

Dating kylie how to win

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    During that time, your goal is to earn as many stars are you can by doing different activities related to the mission.

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    Most major events in the game take three to eight hours and waste all of your energy to complete, so going out on a date is quick and fun alternative. Lets you view you recent vlogs, selfies and posts.

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    Hollywood , then you'll be happy to know Kendall and Kylie is similar.

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