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Dating mason jars atlas

Click here to see my page on Artificially Purpled Glass. Box , North Muskegon, MI Also called Redbook 9. A jar's age and rarity can be determined by the color, shape, mold and production marks of the glass, and the jar's closure. The Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason has heavier glass below the jar neck to prevent it from cracking easily. The jar included his patent: The vacuum in a properly sealed mason jar pulls the lid down to create a concave-shaped dome. The wax sealing process was largely the only one available until other sealing methods were developed, [5] and widely used into the early s. Putnam modified de Quillfeldt's design so that the lid was secured by centering the wire bail between two raised dots or in a groove along the lid's center.

Dating mason jars atlas

The Fruit Jar Works. If the jar seal is properly formed, internal vacuum will keep the lid tightly on the jar. The difference is a raised lip to help keep the jar from cracking. They quickly became the leaders in the industry. Here is some of my collection. Chart of Hazel-Atlas base codes on containers, courtesy of fruitjar. Many can still be seen in garage sales, flea markets and on specialty food jars today. Warman's Bottles Field Guide: Some patterns were also made in cobalt blue and, in a few cases, amethyst. This made the lids easy to use and inexpensive. There are plenty of other related resources, click on the resources dropdown above. Each jar has such information as size, color, closure and value. Now, go hit the flea market and find some canning jars!! This dates from sometime in the ss. Workers would have hand-tooled the lip into shape after the lower part of the jar was blown into the mold. An improper or failed seal or microbial growth will cause the dome to pop upward. Kerr invented a smaller, flat metal disk with the same permanent composition gasket. You can find additional information about jar collecting from these sources: Most of these were made during the early and mid s. Antique Mason jars are sought by collectors, and are bought and sold not only through antique stores, but also on auction sites such as eBay. Prior to that time, flat tin lids were attached to the jars with wax rings. The absence of a mold seam on the lip indicates the jar was finished by hand. This two-part lid system transformed home canning safety and is still in use today. Embossing Thousands of canning jars were embossed with the Mason patent date, November 30, These provide "no definitive way to determine if a vacuum seal is formed. Volumes I and II.

Dating mason jars atlas

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    They've begun to put their collection on-line and currently have about 1, records concerning the Ball family and Ball products on this page.

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    Many of the Hazel-Atlas containers I have seen do not conform exactly to this chart, but this might be of some help in interpreting the markings on some of their products. The wax sealing process was largely the only one available until other sealing methods were developed, [5] and widely used into the early s.

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