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Dating my bc rich guitar

Ricos ran into legal problems right out of the gate. The company was started in around making. Rich Guitar info Posted by J. The white Mockingbird shown here is from It is unknown exactly how many of these were actually made, but there appears to be many more than previously though. Rich NJ Series of copies of the American designs. R1xxx - R2xxx B.

Dating my bc rich guitar

I have a bc rich his serial no is i but i dont know the typ and made of year please help me Re: Series II appeared in and was around until ish?? Rich guitars, although he continued to own the name. These consecutive numbers probably ran up to around or , as Rico recalls. Acoustics Again As of early , Bernie Rico had returned to his old affection for acoustics and added a new acoustic guitar to his line, the BC, a single cutaway guitar loaded with abalone trim, a project which has the luthier quite enthusiastic. Rather than replace him, the decision was made to cease acoustic production. In The NJ Classic line was made trying to mimic the appearance of the vintage 80's handmade guitars. Guitars shown in the B. Rich name reverted back to Bernie Rico, and he was happily again at work at his drill press making B. But, what else could we do? After all, the Ricos were part to end the knock-offs by Aria, Ibanez, and the other unimaginative guitar companies in Japan and to offer a Rich guitar for less money. Rich guitars featured various DiMarzio pickups. These still follow the same XXYYY dating scheme, but there was no particular order to thier application. But, Rico was already in the works. DiMarzio came up with a proprietary pickup design for me, including a very neat vintage single coil. The fingerboard is nicely wide, like you might expect from someone who, well, played flamenco! Mason Bernard guitars were basically conventional Strat-type guitars, based on the previous B. Rich guitars, holding a ca. Michael Wright, Vintage Guitar Magazine. This is supposed to be an in between import and hand made U. In around Mr. And, don't ask me which one made which. Rico's, there were B. He had an assistant working for him who suggested that he start getting more avant guarde in his finishes. Innovation In , the Innovator bass also appeared, another guitar which is in the newly revived B. Hope you all understand that I was very much into the Hand Made production. These guitars have a consistant serial number line with the first two numbers being the year.

Dating my bc rich guitar

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    Ironbird Following the Warlock was the radically angular Ironbird appeared in around , a guitar favored by Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath.

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    However, since Rich guitars featured such things as coil taps and phase reversal, each Gibson pickup had to be disassembled in order to install four lead wires, a lot of work, needless to say!

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