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Dating stoneware mineral water jug

However, neither of these names has been widely adopted by archaeologists or collectors. The blob-top soda style is typified by being cylindrical in cross-section or sometimes multi-sided like the octagonal bottle to the left , with a variably long steep shoulder which blends gradually into a relatively distinct moderate length neck, topped with one of a variety of one-part blob finishes with very subtle differences two of which are shown in the two pictures below. These bottles were opened by pushing down on the head of the stopper to release the pressure which allowed the stopper to sink to the bottom of the bottle and the contents to be accessed. These bottles there were several variations have applied mineral finishes, were blown in post-bottom molds, lack mold air venting, were made in an assortment of colors including many shades of green and cobalt blue, and date from the s Tucker ; Markota The term seltzer derives from the German town Selters, which was famous for its mineral springs. The pictured bottle is likely from St. The second half of the 18th century saw the development of a different type of bottle that was produced by the specialist potters known as Krugbacker, or pot bakers, in the Westerwald region of Germany. As there were no glass manufacturing facilities in the West prior to , these bottles were blown at a glassworks on the east coast and transported around the horn by sailing ship to San Francisco Toulouse , Hinson However, this is a relatively loose relationship and may not be consistent enough for reliable dating.

Dating stoneware mineral water jug

The image below left with the wire cork retainer is of this bottle also. Still today, some people claim that drinking carbonated water can help with indigestion! It has an applied blob finish, no evidence of a pontil scar, and was blown in a post-bottom mold without any evidence of air venting. Mineral water was consumed — sometimes in spite of its taste — because of its supposed medicinal qualities. These features indicate a probable manufacturing date of between about and Early advertisements for "Matthews' Improved Gravitating Stoppers" were illustrated with bottles of the exact conformation pictured and it appears the steeply sloping shoulder best facilitated the proper sealing of this closure Graci Bottles with this more slender shape appear to be typical of later posts soda bottles, but is not likely to be an absolute feature empirical observations. This bottle is also the first of four bottles illustrated that were products from the same or related companies which bottled water from springs in the Saratoga, NY area, i. It is thought that the popularity of hard cider was and early victim of the rising power of the Temperance movement in the late 19th century Guest This bottle has no evidence of mold air venting like the majority of tooled finish soda bottles would exhibit which also indicates an earlier production. Though an early type style it continued to be used until the late 19th century and was closely identified with the mineral waters of the Saratoga Springs area of east central New York. This bottle is thought by some to be have been used in California but they are known to have been found in the Northeast also. Mineral water has remained popular in many countries and has recently experienced a revival as part of the alternative medicine field. The illustration to the above right shows the stopper separately outside and inside a typical gravitating stopper bottle. The medium cobalt blue soda bottle pictured to the above right is embossed with C. The bottle to the left is a Hutchinson style bottle. Either way, lots of people were in on the craze. It is likely that the pictured bottle dates from the latter half of this period as they were known to have been blown by the Saratoga Mountain Glass Works Mt. This style of bottle is almost certainly the reason this finish was and was and is called the "mineral" finish as it is almost ubiquitous to the style. Eslick - who operated there and used bottles embossed with his name. The name "blob-top soda" has become widely accepted with only a few alternative names noted, though the term was never used by bottle makers. Posted on August 6, by JessicaC In my experience, Americans have a love-hate relationship with seltzer. Click on the following link for a base view image of this bottle. It likely dates from between and range based on manufacturing based diagnostic features, i. Southeastern Archaeological Research Inc.

Dating stoneware mineral water jug

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