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If You Have HSV1 (Herpes) How Do You Know When You Can Kiss Again?

Dating with cold sores

The first con of accepting a date while sporting a cold sore is a complete embarrassment. Attempting to conceal your cold sore is one thing. But just what is a cold sore? The inability to deal with your shortcoming could ruin the entire rendezvous. Generally, however, it is the HSV-1 virus that causes cold sores. The common areas that can be infected are: While some people can deal with virtually any situation, others simply struggle.

Dating with cold sores

But just what is a cold sore? If you are uncertain about these questions, you might want to reconsider your plans. Do you really want to subject yourself to the explaining game? However, intimacy kissing, intercourse or oral sex is a more susceptible way to contract it. Since the herpes simplex virus HSV 1 cannot be eradicated overnight, a cover-up is essential. Have you developed a sense of comfort with the person you are dating? Are you greatly concerned about spreading the virus? Listed below are several activities you should avoid on date night if you have a cold sore: This is yet another dangerous way of exposing your date to HSV 1. Will this frame of mind work? If a date has been scheduled, and you have multiple days to prepare, this product could be a worthy option. As you desperately wait for it to pass, it slowly swells, after which a clear liquid may leak out. Sharing tobacco products should be off limits. As noted earlier, simply displaying the best version of yourself is critical in dating. There it is, the dreaded cold sore, which can mean the difference between lip locking and lip loneliness. While most of the precautions noted above are common sense, they are still critical. Keep in mind that although not as common, such an infection can also occur on the inside of the mouth, increasing the irritability. You might be surprised by the positive response you receive. Cold sore and all, you are poised and ready to face the music. Abreva and Quantum Health also offer similar invisible patches that can provide a quick fix. Disadvantages of Dating with a Cold Sore Do you have a date tonight? The mutual use of the same utensils is also ill-advised. Are you concerned how to prevent cold sores after kissing? Although choosing to disclose your status is your decision, taking personal responsibility while on a date is paramount. Simply entertaining the thought of drinking from the same glass, cup, or bottle should be off limits.

Dating with cold sores

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    Since the herpes simplex virus HSV 1 cannot be eradicated overnight, a cover-up is essential. Attempting to conceal your cold sore is one thing.

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