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Diamond life dating coaching

New levels of performance and effectiveness. You must be willing to go full out. Maya helped me to get on the right track to find love and to believe in myself. So, how does one go about finding "the one" - both in love and as a coach? During our time together, I went on lots of dates but only with quality men - I finally stopped skimming the surface for bacteria or scrapping the bottom of the barrel. By the end, you will love who you are and the life you have made. Another went on his first date in six years.

Diamond life dating coaching

I am now in a healthy, mature, committed relationship with a wonderful man. And a bonus is that I got to laugh a lot through the process. She is a skilled listener that can reflect back to you what you have told her in a comforting and normalizing way and then offering a new view on things. These courses entail 1 day long deep dive experience to start the course and end it, and a three hour weekly meeting to learn the skills and apply them in real time while creating incredible connections with others. MY SHOP About me I work with people for them to quickly discover the capacity they have for accomplishment beyond what they thought possible. Maya helped me shed some old baggage and beliefs that were holding me back, gain more clarity on my dating and life goals, ready my energy for someone amazing to enter my life, and on a more practical note, helped me write an online dating profile I felt good about and even looked through potential prospects with me. Vision, empowerment, confidence, a clear path. I initially sought out Maya's services because I was exhausted from my attempts at online dating and needed help changing a recurring pattern of unfulfilling, short-term relationships when what I really wanted was to find a life partner to start a family. From there they can create a map and clear path to reaching their goals every week we work together so they get closer step by step. I would highly recommend to anyone who is really serious about wanting to change your life, to try working with Maya. You must be willing to go full out. Freedom in being and in acting to move towards what you want. Along the way, she was encouraging, insightful, compassionate, and supportive, while always gently but firmly nudging me along my path. I would recommend working with Maya to anyone who is self-aware and ready to take conscious, focused action in their lives, especially in the realms of dating and romantic love. I am truly grateful that I know her and that she has been able to help me get through this hard time, feeling strong and positive about my future! She helped me craft an online profile that was clear, concise, and attractive and guided me in deftly navigating the world of online dating. I work with people to elevate their level of performance, specifically with high performers to elevate their performance to entirely new levels. By the end, you will love who you are and the life you have made. She integrates several teachings into a recipe that's custom-tailored to the coachee. During my first conversation with Maya, she made me feel at ease and had me believing that she could "fix me". Performance oriented coaching for people looking to achieve new levels of performance and effectiveness. In the process, people also transform into the type of person they truly want to be. She is gifted in this work and you can tell it comes straight from her loving heart. I always appreciate her perspective on dating matters. If you are looking for an amazing coach that will add some joy and support in your life, look no further.

Diamond life dating coaching

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    Thanks to Maya, I found that what had once felt like a chore actually became kind of fun, and the quality of the men I was meeting online increased dramatically.

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    Coaching with me I help my clients achieve 1.

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    In my coaching people tap into new levels of power and effectiveness that leads to results producing action. This type of work and loving attention is profoundly effective for people still working to achieve basic goals to people with incredibly accomplished lives.

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    This has helped me identify what my goals and strengths are and the sessions have been healing in terms of moving through pain and separation. She helped me craft an online profile that was clear, concise, and attractive and guided me in deftly navigating the world of online dating.

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