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The BEST First Date Ideas EVER!

Good simple date ideas

Sweet and sour corn muffins? Hike anywhere nearby with a great view. Give these out-of-the-box date ideas a try for a new twist on the same old date. In fact, you might want to go to one of your own favorite places. Do a breakfast date Breakfast is the least expensive meal option and tastiest if you ask me. Go thrifting or garage sale-ing together But humor me and give it a try easier said than done, I know.

Good simple date ideas

Do a puzzle together Find a coffeehouse that has live music and go there for a night. Some of our favorite dates are unexpected, creative and adventurous. This is a fun activity for an established couple. Meet in the middle for a little "elegant camping," Limongello suggests. This is the perfect opportunity to teach each other Find a free or very cheap class and take it together You can go to any bar and spend the whole night for very little money. Spend an afternoon photographing each other. Go through your old yearbooks Tell your partner all about your high-school days. Wash the car and flirt with each other And just because you're not out in the sunshine doesn't mean your date has to be boring. Plan a weekend away. You can get competitive and play each other or make friends by playing as a team against other couples. Make a fire outside. Attend an outdoor concert. Break a record Look at the Guinness Book of World Records and see which record you two should try to break together. Volunteer at the Humane Society together and play with dogs that need extra love. Cheap and free date ideas include: Go to the arcade to play skee-ball, air hockey, and video games. Have fun and be silly! Outdoor rinks in the winter are so romantic and beautiful. Have "a night out listening to a local band that plays covers of your favorite artist or a band you saw together early in your relationship," Boykin says. Relive your first date. Go back to the restaurant or coffee shop where you had your first date. Find cheap sporting event tickets or go to your local high-school or college games Then you each try to cook something edible.

Good simple date ideas

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    Before you go home, consider re-creating your first kiss too.

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    The idea that there's still more to learn and be surprised by in your relationship is what fuels the sense of romance.

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