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Mandated Health Insurance?

Government mandating health insurance

Constitution grants the federal government certain limited powers -- but, while Hall interprets the language broadly and permissively, they interpret it more strictly. Instead of provision and prosperity, pain and hardship will follow. This was demonstrated during the last presidential campaign when a man phoned a radio talk show. It is clear that being human alone cannot justify any rights for humans. Rather, he wants someone else to pay, not as a matter of mercy shown to him, but as a matter of coercive force. Current health-care reform plans follow the same approach. Taken as a whole, the Bible prohibits the use of force to obtain what we wish to consume for ourselves. Generosity for those in need has been a hallmark feature of the American experience.

Government mandating health insurance

It relies on its power of taxation and coercion to provide material benefits to selected citizens. For their part, defenders of mandatory insurance haven't engaged very much, in part because courts tend to be so reluctant to strike down federal laws in the first place. If passion for the cause blurs their vision, then they may well use government force and, as a result, inflict harm upon the neighbors they aim to help. It is, therefore, easy to see the temptation facing people who desire to show mercy and compassion toward others: It is fundamentally selfishness unleashed and it will thwart future prosperity. Rather, he wants someone else to pay, not as a matter of mercy shown to him, but as a matter of coercive force. Nevertheless, the mythical concept that government can provide cost-free benefits continues largely on the basis of wishful thinking and covetousness. There are two reasons. In a page paper prepared for Georgetown University's O'Neill Institute, Hall acknowledges that the federal government "has limited powers" and a law requiring Americans to "transfer money to a private party for health or economic purposes seems to be unprecedented" because laws tend to prohibit such purchases rather than mandate them. No Consumption Without Production In reality there is no effortless production of anything. The Bible requires its reader to respect the property rights of others. This view was expressed in the Declaration of Independence as well as many other writings and documents of the time. Government mandates which require some to provide for others is false philanthropy. How does being human, in and of itself, generate any rights? That is, we can always imagine a better circumstance than the one we are presently in. The uncritical acceptance of the proposition that a major purpose of government is to insure the provision of some goods or services is related to another popularly held proposition. Probably the most extensive, or at least heavily-footnoted, argument in favor of the proposal's constitutionality comes from Mark Hall , a law professor at Wake Forest University. After all, what decent person would not desire to see some basic provision of food, clothing, or needed medical care provided for all those who could not pay? Raich , a majority concluded that a federal law prohibiting a California woman from growing marijuana for her own medical use is "entitled to a strong presumption of validity" -- and authorized by the Commerce Clause -- even if state law permits the medicinal use of cannabis. They tend to come from libertarians and conservatives, who agree with Hall that the U. Current health-care reform plans follow the same approach. Bill Clinton was well ahead of George Bush in the polls and he had promised to bring about government-mandated universal health insurance. Why has government more and more compromised its position by engaging in legal plunder when it is clear that such action is wrong? If the rule were otherwise, Congress could evade all constitutional limits by 'taxing' anyone who doesn't follow an order of any kind—whether to obtain health-care insurance, or to join a health club, or exercise regularly, or even eat your vegetables. In order for it to provide some benefit for an individual it must impose a cost of equal or greater value either on that individual or on someone else. This is the inevitable outcome of all government schemes aimed at providing some benefit for some citizens at the expense of others.

Government mandating health insurance

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    This was demonstrated during the last presidential campaign when a man phoned a radio talk show. The federal government has authority under its power to regulate interstate commerce

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    He understood that any such attempts were nothing more than a false image intended to mimic the real thing.

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    If health insurance is extended the quality of medical care will decline.

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