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Grindr trans dating problem

Many cis girlfriends assure me no man is going to walk away from sex because of slightly prickly legs or a mismatched bra and pants, but just having to think about these things is often enough to dissuade me from entering into a random hook-up. There are great tips out there for trans lesbians who are looking to date , but I will confess I am cursed with an attraction to men, sadly, and so this is quite the straight girl perspective. Now, I am on a mixture of oestrogen the same meds you might be taking for HRT and testosterone blockers actually a medication for prostate cancer. The most telling, and discouraging, part is that my new Tinder friends seem most to want a good rogering. I started a casual thing with a handsome, young PE teacher, but it quickly became depressingly predictable. If nothing else, I have had to suffer their weddings and I would like to reap my revenge. What was in it for me? The joy of Tinder is that it pairs you with a suitor only if you are mutually interested, and I was clear in my profile about my trans status.

Grindr trans dating problem

One guy, seemingly having his epiphany, pointed out that our date was nicer because I actually wanted to be there, showing a stunning insight into how sex work, well, works. Dating as a trans woman involves placing a high degree of self-worth upon yourself and your time, ladies. There is a total lack of interest in what pleasure I might get out of the arrangement. What woman has the time? I think this is down to porn culture, a generation of young men who have always had access to high-quality streaming pornography, and never had access to decent sex education at school. I would argue that if they want a willy, they would be better off sleeping with a man. More than I would have dared to hope for. Part of the problem is that sometimes porn is the only lens that men have seen trans women through, and they forget that any woman in porn is presenting a fantasy. It turns out that a lot of men are, at the very least, curious about trans women. I want the same things as everyone else: When two guys randomly hook up on Grindr , you can get away with the most perfunctory, basic pre-sex prep: Unsurprisingly, most of the guys matching with me on Tinder are aged 18 to I once said that I would rather be single for ever than be in a bad relationship, and that still stands true. It is just a less pressing desire. As James, I had little interest in getting married. Many cis girlfriends assure me no man is going to walk away from sex because of slightly prickly legs or a mismatched bra and pants, but just having to think about these things is often enough to dissuade me from entering into a random hook-up. We are the obscure progressive jazz album of the modern dating scene, the acquired taste, the blue cheese. Teenage boys are learning that sex is, primarily, an activity in which they will gain pleasure and dominance, and that their female partners will be delighted to receive it. We parted ways amicably. Caitlyn Jenner on transitioning: Alex Lake for the Guardian I was confused about what he would find attractive in me, though. He took my hand over the table, much to the intrigue of the family sitting opposite, and told me how proud he was: I went on a couple of dates with men whose only previous experiences of trans women was porn or sex workers. Two weeks ago a drunk guy made out with me in a club then asked if it made him gay. If I feel desirable, it is intrinsically a turn-on. What was in it for me?

Grindr trans dating problem

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    I personally would rather not talk to someone for ages before the potential for them to go nuclear and call me a deceptive freak or some other charming form of abuse when I mention the teeny, tiny fact that I used to be a boy.

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