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Henry mercer dating old houses

More than thirty of the tiles had been covered over as the interior of the Capitol has been altered over the past century. Some-times they show their thumb-lifts fixed on swivels the swivel-lift latch ; sometimes the thumb-lifts are notched into holes the perforated cusp latch , and sometimes their latch-bars appear with, but generally without, a knob or curl or pinch grasp. A ticket to the museums is less than the price of going to a movie…and they are one mile away. Before that time, in the houses examined, all mouldings on door panels, whether of the plain or quirked ovolo or ogee type, above described, were hand-made and appear as solid parts of the panel, planed by hand-moulding planes upon its framework; while after that time they were machine-made and nailed on, as loose strips, around the sunken outer marginal recess of each panel. These facts, marking the end of the old house-building period, though only applicable to the very latest buildings, are nevertheless important, since they may help to detect wholesale restorations or additions and show when kitchen fire-place doors stopped open-fire cooking, or where old latches, hinges, or doors have been shifted out of time or place. Joseph Whitaker See his manuscript diary in the library of the Bucks County Historical Society was also thus making cut nails in Philadelphia, from to , by a double operation; namely, cutting the plates with a hand-cranked ma-chine and afterwards hammer-heading the shanks held in a clamp worked by a foot lever. But, in any case, these woodworking machines would have been run very restrictedly by water-power and not by steam, and the evidence shows that they were not established or their products used in the Pennsylvania country until after the general introduction of steam-power which gave birth to the modern factory about The smith was here furnished, not with a nail rod, but with a strip of plate iron, several feet long, about two and a quarter inches wide, and often about one-eighth of an inch thick.

Henry mercer dating old houses

But it was Mercer's comment on Penn's Treaty with the Indians - he designed and published captions along with images of all the tiles - that reveals not only what the tiles, but what Mercer's life's work, were really about. It was made from rectangular strips of malleable iron, several feet long, and about a quarter of an inch thick, called nail rods, which were furnished to the black-smith or nailer, who, holding one of them in one hand, heated its end in his forge, and then, on the anvil, pointed it with the hammer on all four sides. Stamp-Headed Nails After c. Pennsylvania commissioned his tiles for its new capitol. But, in any case, these woodworking machines would have been run very restrictedly by water-power and not by steam, and the evidence shows that they were not established or their products used in the Pennsylvania country until after the general introduction of steam-power which gave birth to the modern factory about These stamped heads, at first c. The castle-home contains much built-in furniture and is embellished with decorative tiles that Mercer made at the height of the Arts and Crafts movement. Popular culture[ edit ] The house is featured by name and description in Lewis Shiner 's novel Slam, although in the book it has been relocated to Galveston , Texas. Doors appeared original if set in original partitions; if frequently duplicated; if not cut down on their margins: Henry Chapman Mercer was a pack rat, in the best sense of the word. But regardless of these variations and allowing for the above noted survival of wrought strap hinges on outer doors and shutters, these cast butt hinges, found upon the original doors of houses, will date the latter as post Colonial or built after c. The series of four hundred mosaics at the Capitol trace the history of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from prehistoric times. While with Mercer, you are free to roam the entire castle and discover the variety of objects and history it has to offer. The evidence conclusively shows that these cut nails every-where superseded the ancient wrought nail at the end of the eighteenth century, namely, not long after , when two cut-nail factories had been established in Philadelphia, and there-fore, if used by the builder, they will date a house as having been built after that year. His tiles can be seen on the floor of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building in Harrisburg, among other notable buildings across the globe. Between to , he experimented with exposed reinforced concrete and made it the basic element of the three buildings which form the core of the "Mercer Mile" in Doylestown: Hinges of this shape and name, i. Out of at least one hundred and fifty houses examined, about fifty were found dated by documentary evidence, or by date-plates or wall-stones; and he evidence of nails, woodwork and hardware, first studied in these dated buildings, always repeated and never contradicted itself in the undated houses examined later. Nevertheless, lacking sufficient information, as yet, we here limit it to doors where it is significant enough. Doors latched with these straight-lift latches, some of which are very short, are sometimes hard to open, and sometimes, as if to remedy the difficulty, knobs or pulls appear on the bars of latches of early Colonial date. When Washington crosses the Delaware, he is but one figure of many, not the proud, standing focus of Emmanuel Leutze's famous painting. There are some great activities on the grounds that are always huge crowd favorites—particularly the glass blowing and sheep shearing demonstrations which the children fully enjoy. The wrought nail, no matter what its size, as generally used in house construction, is easily distinguished from the machine-made nails, called cut nails, above re-furred to, and described later. It further appears that hand-made, wrought-strap hinges still common in on barn doors in eastern Pennsylvania and elsewhere , continued to be used on outer house doors and window shutters, long after , and hence, when so found, should be disregarded as proof of dates, But with these exceptions, the evidence abundantly shows, that where wrought hinges generally HL, more rarely strap are found on original inner house doors, they date the house as Colonial, or built before the Revolution. To serve as a comfortable home base, Mercer began construction on his home, Fonthill, in when he was

Henry mercer dating old houses

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