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Hospitals consolidating product lines

AHA currently identifies 5, registered hospitals. Aetna has traditionally been a large commercial health-insurance company. Stand-alone and small physician groups may feel pressure to join bigger groups, she said. In this way, this combination is actually strongly procompetitive. Two of the early mergers brought FTC-imposed divestitures. Whether value-based efforts continue in the long term is somewhat up for debate, though leaders note that such initiatives may require better competition in the healthcare space, tying back to way the continuing trend that provider consolidation matters. The longer take While the industry is definitely in a speculative phase over the long term impacts a measure such as MACRA may have for the industry, one area experts are following is whether consolidation may continue. If you have engine trouble, the car won't run.

Hospitals consolidating product lines

In many cases, consolidated entities have not demonstrated value to the communities served. CVS ate CaremarkRx in Deal volume among hospitals and physician groups in the first quarter of tapered off some, but the consolidation trend is not projected to slow significantly in According to Irving Levin Associates, 90 hospital merger or acquisition deals targeting hospitals occurred in , the highest level in five years. Trends Affecting Hospitals and Health Systems. A potential reduction in pharmacy costs to insurance plan members is a key rationale underlying the most recent proposed mega-mergers in the health care industry. AHA Admissions for small hospitals are decreasing, but large hospital admissions are increasing Between and , admissions for small hospitals fell while admission for large hospitals rose. Proactive — initiating the conversation with potential partners hospitals, physician groups, non-acute care providers who fit the organization's mission, vision and values. What was once a set of independent hospitals having arms-length relationships with physicians and clinicians who provide ambulatory care is becoming a small number of locally integrated health systems, generally built around large, prestigious academic medical centers. Whether the aim is structural having all the components under one umbrella or functional integration effective coordination of services , the list of potential partners is increasingly likely to include home care agencies, long-term care facilities and other non-acute care providers. Factors include the following: AMCs that choose to be reactive or opportunistic may find that when they arrive at the dance the most suitable partners are already taken. In the case of Aetna and Humana, Humana already runs its own PBM, but would it have to be scaled up to accommodate the lives Aetna brings to the combined companies? The big deals of so far have been the acquisition by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. For this reason, local governments may want to introduce new policies that help ensure consumers gain protection in the event of consolidation, such as insurance products that charge consumers more for high-priced clinicians and health care centers, bundling payments to clinicians and health care organizations to eliminate the incentives of big institutions to simply provide more care, and establishing area-specific price or spending targets. By appending Cigna and its Medicare Advantage business, Aetna would balance itself out between private and public health plans. The health insurance sector is expected to remain highly consolidated for the foreseeable future, no matter the decision on proposed mergers between four of the five largest health insurers. Consolidation, explores the potential influence consolidation will have on healthcare over the next several years, including the outlook for hospitals and health systems, physician practices and health plans. Antitrust authorities are examining these consolidated systems as they form, but broad conclusions are difficult to draw because typically the creation of a system will generate both benefit and harm and each set of facts will be different. The short answer Maybe. Continued hospital and health system consolidation is poised to remake the delivery system landscape over the next 10 years. In , the American Hospital Association identified 6, registered hospitals. These impacts can be addressed through divestitures, he believes. Do you want to read the rest of this article? McWilliams also noted the general lack of relationship between ACO contracting and consolidation may not be surprising given evidence that independent medical groups have outperformed large health systems in terms of savings so far. The typical region in the United States has 3 to 5 consolidated health systems, spanning a wide range of care settings, and a smaller fringe of health care centers outside those systems. Varying forces have led to consolidation in the hospital sector but much of the action has led to dampen competition in the space, leading to higher costs for patients.

Hospitals consolidating product lines

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    Stand-alone and small physician groups may feel pressure to join bigger groups, she said. To receive the latest hospital and health system business and legal news and analysis from Becker's Hospital Review, sign-up for the free Becker's Hospital Review E-weekly by clicking here.

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    These impacts can be addressed through divestitures, he believes. While hospital consolidation has not historically increased value for consumers, emerging value-based payment systems and an increased emphasis on price transparency may motivate merging organizations to pass along their savings.

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    Valeant beat out Endo for the absorption of Salix.

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