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ONLINE DATING PROFILE TIPS FOR MEN: Use This Bio And Girls Text You First!

How long should your online dating profile be

Drop the long drawn out description and reduce your profile by at least a paragraph, if not more. It's more that you don't want to give an impression of being arrogant or self-obsessed. Again, the copy and paste in Magnetic Profiles is written to be different and interesting so women read it and respond. Second, if his profile doesn't capture her interest between sips of coffee, she deletes him. I wonder myself if a very long profile is attractive? Other guys had similar results. While I think my photo was good, what really worked was being fairly verbose in the profile. Such is the life of an online dating profile ghostwriter.

How long should your online dating profile be

I swear I won't Canadianize your spelling: Take out the entire part about being an atheist libertarian. The "Essay Section" should, as Special K pointed out, be used to say all the positive things you want in a girl. Providing plenty of information to rule out bad fits is not a bad strategy -- beats the "long walks on the beach" approach -- but you want to make sure that that is in fact what you're doing. Remember, you're essentially providing an answer to the unspoken question, "Why should I bother responding to your ad? I don't like answering questions where I'm admitting to something that is apparently too embarassing to admit to! I'm a professional editor and a 31 year old single woman , so perhaps I can be of some assistance. While I think my photo was good, what really worked was being fairly verbose in the profile. It's not new news that the stigma of Internet dating is gone. And if you want a totally personalized profile, hire me to write one for you. Don't be merely cerebral and descriptive. When I was using internet personals, I very rarely had any responses to my profiles at all. No, because that would be scary. Details of your relationship and family history and listing every vacation you've gone on won't leave room for imagination. I am now married to a wonderful girl I met on match. But if that were the case, you probably wouldn't be so particular in your profile, so, I wouldn't necessarily sweat it Instead, go for the punchline. And if the guy's picture is only borderline attractive to me but he has a great, meaty profile, it can turn my decision in his favour. Am I not getting any contacts because women might be falling asleep by the time they finish reading? Whatever you do, DON'T spend a lot of time describing yourself. It will instantly increase the amount of emails that you'll be receiving. Would you go into a bar, and launch into a ten minute monologue to try to impress a woman? So without further digital ado, and minus the calories, here are a few steps you can do to immediately have a more unique profile, without resorting to posting skydiving photos. Describing your life story should be written in your personal journal and not be included in your dating profile. So, if I were making up my shopping list of qualities I'd want in a man it would look something like this: I had a fair amount of success by responding to about 50 profiles, hearing back from 8 of them, and maybe ending up meeting 2 or 3 for coffee. That particular personal ad actually led to my meeting a few celebrities who had been browsing them for fun and actually liked mine.

How long should your online dating profile be

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