Video about how to stop your 3ds from updating:

PSA: Nintendo Drops "3DS 11.8.0 Update" // DO NOT

How to stop your 3ds from updating

Such hotspots are, for example, found in McDonald's Restaurants. Use parental control to limit access to stuff - No, this won't actually block system updates, but you can limit access to internet enabled stuff, which will in fact reduce the risk, especially if you let others play. Let me add to this that updating your FW also hurts its resale value and shouldn't ever be done without consideration. This includes links to third party selling sites. That way you'll always have a visual reminder of which system you are currently in. Posts with spoilers in the title will be removed. Continued abuse of our services will cause your IP address to be blocked indefinitely. Online, you may only upgrade to the latest version. This will block updates, but also leave the Youtube app defunct, Instructions, directly from smealum:

How to stop your 3ds from updating

I'll explain how FW updates find their ways to your system and how you can be as safe as possible, even if you let someone else access you N3DS console. If you wish to be unblocked, you must agree that you will take immediate steps to rectify this issue. Don't exit settings after checking the version number. We strongly recommend using an alternate browser while this activity continues. From there, select your favorite Connection, tap the Change Settings button, and on the second page head over to the DNS section. No excessive self-promotion; No affiliate links. Or, you may also use a Sky3DS to do this, but don't try it via Gateway. Be sure to check out: The friendly folks at GBAtemp will keep you updated and you may also check the Gateway site. Filling with fake data vs. Use this code for comments: To achieve that, there are several strategies, some of which might seem to be overkill to you. I made a tutorial for setting up such a hotspot using stuff almost everyone owns. This will block updates, but also leave the Youtube app defunct, Instructions, directly from smealum: In fact, some of these strategies may even borderline on paranoia. Game Companies - A list of all the companies that have developed and published games. Try to avoid standby and disable wireless connections if you are not using them. That fear is not completely irrational, judging from the sheer number of "Am I screwed? You not paying attention and confirming something you shouldn't have confirmed. More safety plus space for free, yay! Such hotspots are, for example, found in McDonald's Restaurants. Threads must follow content guidelines. Some unofficial phone apps appear to be using GameFAQs as a back-end, but they do not behave like a real web browser does. No basic questions or those covered in the wiki. Don't ever confirm anything update related - That should go without saying, but don't ever confirm anything that wants to update your system.

How to stop your 3ds from updating

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    If you have the update nag, get rid of it as fast as possible - it is easy to do. This triggers our anti-spambot measures, which are designed to stop automated systems from flooding the site with traffic.

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    Continued use of these apps may cause your IP to be blocked indefinitely. In that case, you of course don't have any other choice but to actually accept the Nintendo Network license agreement.

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