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Indian male to male sex video

And yet today, it seems that the beast has turned. Her books have been translated into over 30 languages around the world. It baffles me as much as anyone else, be it sociologist, psychiatrist, the media, the law enforcement people, or the common men and women. In time, he knows he can get away with anything including rape. In a country where female foeticide was routine until it was declared illegal, he knew that his survival was based merely on his gender. So much so that the Indian male was a cliche of sorts; he was the dutiful son, husband, and father, bound by the diktats of society Once again it reinforces what he has been brought up to believe - that dominance is a symbol of manhood.

Indian male to male sex video

No one tells him what is the correct code of conduct in dealings with women. Anita Nair is a novelist, poet, children's writer and columnist. The girl has no place in the scheme of things. Perhaps there is some truth in it. From the gentle creature, the spiritual compassionate soul that Western writers and film-makers celebrated once, he is now perceived to be a sexual predator. Each time he [a man] offends or harasses a woman, she and her family refuse to retaliate because they fear societal disapproval. Even the movies and television soaps from where he draws his inspiration offer a warped point of view: All his life, even as a zygote, the Indian male is hallmarked by preferential treatment. That a hungry-for-news media on the prowl will turn random incidents to make it seem like an everyday occurrence? For sexual violence that went largely unreported or even undisclosed in the name of family honour or societal disapproval, now makes newspaper headlines. He is the heir, the keeper of the family lineage and the one who is going to ease his father's passage to heaven. Or is there something more insidious, a rogue gene that is manifesting after all these years of suppression? That sex is the union of bodies and minds and is based on mutual respect and need is an alien concept to him. Traditional privilege of Indian male This raises the next question: Want to end sexual violence against women? Rape and the Indian male A combination of societal, cultural, and traditional mind-sets have given the Indian male a sense of entitlement. Thereafter it is his maleness that fast tracks him through life - from the extra glass of milk to education on borrowed money to special treats in his home - he is the one who has the lion's share of everything, even affection. However, there can be no smoke without fire and what is tragically obvious is that there is a definite issue of escalating sexual violence in India. Once again it reinforces what he has been brought up to believe - that dominance is a symbol of manhood. Whatever has happened to this man who was once the very epitome of orderliness? Like Hansen's disease and dengue, is sexual violence endemic to the Indian male? She lives and writes in India. Technology that gives him train timings, movie tickets, holiday offers, cricket trivia and such cannot be wrong. In fact, there is even that most horrid of thought lines spreading like a subterranean fire: Each time he offends or harasses a woman, she and her family refuse to retaliate because they fear societal disapproval. Dominance as a symbol of manhood How can you expect more from someone who is surrounded by the constant objectification of women everywhere, and archetypal images of how a woman must be. The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera's editorial policy.

Indian male to male sex video

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