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Why Is a 1446 BC Date for the Exodus from Egypt So Significant?

Late dating of the exodus

Most are split between two different views: In Rameses, of course, the place where the Israelites were settled when Jacob and his family entered Egypt Gn There are three sets of dates in use: And why did not Moses identify the Pharaohs of the oppression and Exodus? This clearly indicates the presence of Israel in Canaan apparently not as an established nation. Petrie suggested Three, North, East and West each group having jurisdiction over their area allowing overlaps in their reigns.

Late dating of the exodus

There are, however, insurmountable obstacles associated with this reconstruction. The evidence of 1 Kings 6: Another suggestion is that the terms Rameses and Raamses KJV were once separate terms the latter meaning "born of Ra". This was not the case. Gerizim on the south and Mt. Neither argument is certain. Brave fellow that he was, Jephthah was a roughneck, an outcast, and not exactly the kind of man who would scruple first to take a Ph. Thus, the building of the store cities in Exodus 1: The questionable toponym appears together with Ashkelon and Canaan. Bibliography Joseph in Egypt: Where would one expect to find written records of the presence of Israel in Egypt, or of the Exodus? The cities of Lachish, Bethel, Debir, and Hazor all have burned layers in them dating to the second half of the 13th century. Advocates of the late date focus on the existence of Edom Num. The record of that campaign begins in a boastful manner typical of the other records of his reign: Following the building of Pithom and Rameses the Israelites experienced a growth in population: These were adopted from their Canaanite neighbors. What historical records have been found from the time period of the Exodus at ancient Rameses? Wood therefore concludes that Garstang was correct about the date of Jericho's fall. Presently, the most plausible solution is that of William Shea, who believes he has found evidence that a Pharaoh died in BC and his death was covered up by Egyptian officials a, b: It is not supported by Biblical or extra-Biblical texts and has lost its presumed archaeological underpinnings, thus has no place in contemporary Biblical scholarship. The difficulty here is that Kitchen did not clearly define his methodology in comparing the Biblical and ANE materials. He is a king very weighty of arm: If an event was not recorded, then it was as though it had never happened Wheeler This is an argument from silence. Adding one additional generation takes us to the time of Solomon, resulting in a total of 19 generations, far more than the imagined 12 generations of the late-date theorists.

Late dating of the exodus

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    The tone of the records of these campaigns is much different than the earlier inscriptions of Amenhotep IIA—no arrogant and bombastic bragging here.

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    The royal precinct at the time of the Exodus was located at Ezbet Helmi, indicated by the red circle. Late date scholars argue that is a symbolic number of twelve 40 year reigns.

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