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Lock and key dating event

The choice is yours. Here's the order of priority for entry into our parties: All the time meeting new people in the slightly bizarre but incredibly fun way. When a party fills sometimes we have to limit participation by one gender or another to ensure a good gender balance , you will be able to sign up on a waiting list. I went to the page for my city but no parties are listed, now what? After the event you will have met loads of new people so most people stay on and continue mingling. These events are not structured or rigid in any way. What prizes do you offer? What do I do when I "unlock" with someone?

Lock and key dating event

These events allow for you to be as forward as you like - work the room like the social animal you are or stand back and let people come to you! Here's the order of priority for entry into our parties: People who risk it will not be guaranteed entry. What do I do when I "unlock" with someone? Some events have had , but the typical size is 50 people. These are typically offered through a variety of promotional partners. We typically garner about people at each party. We have run events with over people attending! We hold events Nationwide with the currently scheduled parties above. Click on your city for the next one! You can stay in the venue until it closes and from experience most people do. I went to the page for my city but no parties are listed, now what? Frequently Asked Questions Q: If your city does not have one scheduled, Join our Mailing List so we can give you the heads up before we advertise the party to the public. On arrival you will be welcomed by our hosts. By the end, you will have met loads of new people so you are welcome to stay on in the venue as they often stay open late. We know that this is a great party and others want to try it, but we caution anyone attempting to use any part of our creative materials to promote their own party. Alternatively some people will move on and dance the night away with their new friends. Show at the door without RSVP. I think I lost mine! Those parties will be shut down and we will prosecute any continued infringement or misuse of the written content and images in this website, our emails or other promotional and advertising resources that we utilize. People attend lock and key parties because they're fed up with going to noisy nightclubs and hardly meeting anyone. All the time meeting new people in the slightly bizarre but incredibly fun way. Although many of our parties are after-work affairs and people are dressed in work clothes, you can be a bit casual too. You have a great chance of getting a lock and key match. Our staff will give you both a new lock and key and you'll both will receive a draw ticket for our instant draw. People who pre-pay have first priority and always gain entry.

Lock and key dating event

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