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Offline dating samuel abrahams

My other shorts and all my commercials are shot on film or on the Alexa or maybe the Red. So Tom could kind of join in. People already knew about those other films. A few months before this Tom had split up with his girlfriend and was now interested in getting back out there. People always have these little moments with strangers — this is something I explored in my short film Connect. But the thing that really surprised us was how much interest there was. Hyper-connectivity and the effect this is having on the way in which we communicate in real life is a subject I am drawn to. Doing it with a camera is another. Only a tiny minority of them will turn your anus into a remake of Apocalypse Now!

Offline dating samuel abrahams

You know, if one of them is having a bad day, missing the focus on a couple consecutive takes, everyone on set will be staring at them. So here is the film, and my interview with Samuel follows right afterwards. Advertisement Advertisement Metro Blogs is a place for opinions. It was just me, filming Tom. And means I have control of shooting any angle I want. It also is less intimidating for people. People already knew about those other films. All the other shorts were through schemes at the BFI for example. Do you like the whimsical, poetic idea of meeting people at random, in the street, as if you were in a romantic movie? The first time I had used a camera like that. If you live in a busy city like London, you are always surrounded by so many new people, everywhere you look. I hope this feeling really comes across in the film. After one or two screenings I realised that no matter what the film went on to achieve, that was always going to be the thing I was most happy with. I liked the simplicity of it. I shot this on a Blackmagic Cinema camera. Quite a few moments I really miss, but they messed with the tone or slowed the story down, and ultimately that is the most important thing — telling a story. These opinions belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by Metro. I noticed that the long-haired man with the tattoos got pretty aggressive, were there other people who were even worse than that? We need to talk. The idea was to highlight how important real human interaction is, even with strangers. There were a lot of lovely, funny moments that had to be cut, just to keep the story moving. So I took what I learnt from that experience and set out to make a short film that really represented what kind of stories I wanted to tell and how I wanted to tell them. He was telling me a story the other day about how he was riding past a girl cycling in the opposite direction. How many cameras did you have on any given scene? I am very proud of Connect. I find the technology fascinating and incredible, but worry that the way in which we interact with it is having a negative effect on our relationships, with friends and family, but also with ourselves.

Offline dating samuel abrahams

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    We watched a lot of your work on Vimeo and the underlying theme appears to be one of connection.

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    So he changed directions, caught up with her, and started up conversation with her at the traffic lights.

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