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Signing and Numbering

Signing and dating art prints

This method allows you to sign below the print without producing and displaying an extra border or extra white space. RG note Thanks, Barbara. I don't remember looking at any traditional fine art where actual images were dated on the front. I am curious how many dogs you create at this point in your career. One more reason you should think about signing prints is to promote yourself as an artist. By the look in his eye I could see he was realizing that I was eking out more than he was. Even as technologies progress, between each transition is a period where you can transpose your older works into the newer formats of archiving. There are 4 comments for The value of dating by Dianne Mize From:

Signing and dating art prints

Conversely, a left-handed artist tends to want to sign their paintings on the lower left side. Anonymous — Jun 22, Susan, I like your answer very much. If the print was an addition it was stated there as well on the front of the image on the left side. Susan McLean, Acworth, GA — Jun 22, I happened to see a sanitation worker pick up a discarded painting I had left on top of my bin, look at it, break it over his knee, and toss it in the truck. Fortunately there were no takers for my erotic fantasies and he finally traded them back to me for a couple of small landscapes. There are many who compulsively need to know about the money. The downside is that the signature is typically much more difficult to see. It is of the highest quality, and it deserved to be viewed as fine art. I know intentions today are more market-driven than in the days of our predecessors, but I continue to think of painting as a product of my journey rather than inventory and so I date my work so that it can be chronologically placed within my total oeuvre. This also helps exactly identify a painting. It is a truism that as you get older you get more particular and less desirable. Even a painter wants digital artifacts of their work to be held within the estate for as long as protections by law are available. Nobody NOW seems to care that much! Some day when I am dead, hopefully someone will unlock the code for my major museum retrospective. I stand behind this print and I put my name on the line. I know this is also a heated topic among artists — do unsigned reproductions devalue the signed works? It is a 4 digit number, the first two numbers are my age and the second is the order in the year it was completed. I am curious how many dogs you create at this point in your career. One more reason you should think about signing prints is to promote yourself as an artist. And I am fresh out of ways to convince myself that people mean well when they say it. Much to my shock and embarrassment those same drawings showed up at a dealer who said he bought them at a flea market. There are times when lower left is okay too. Where do you sign? There are 2 comments for Free art retreat by Keith Thirgood From: I was better back then with some things, better with other things now!

Signing and dating art prints

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