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Skadate full dating software

You will get no justice. Their sales and support service is bad; they dont return emails; they dont keep promises they make to you — even if you want to buy something.. If you want to experience the level of support we offer, just give us a call. He got caught posting fake reviews all over the Internet and still completely denies it. It comes packed with the features available on the demo at a fixed one-time cost. I hope one day he change his whole attitude.

Skadate full dating software

To all of you, I feel the need to tell you that it is very rare to find, anywhere, a flawless software. SkaDate thank you for everything you've done. You can call their phone numbers and quickly find out that they are not. My main thing is server up time and loading. I had lost time and money and wasn't sure where to go thereafter until I found SkaDate. You will still be able to receive the same or better level of products and support that you have been receiving. Thank you all for your input. What improvements have you made with the new SkaDate? Sounds great, doesn't it? Our specialists took special care to improve usability for site members and moderators alike. I came across SkaDate in an online review and decided to give them a try. Our customers appreciate this approach, they love to see their ideas brought to life in new software builds and versions. I am thinking about trying this one on the Skadate site, has anyone tried them and is it stable? They say they have an office in Conaga Park, California but the funny thing is that my friend lives there and went to their address they have and this company does not exist there. They are both the same. I will be modifying the layout of the template using my Dreamweaver CS3, but only the background image, logo and some other small changes. I need the site up and running within the month, and I am really excited about SkaDate. As you can see, my third post expressed my frustration. First of all, regarding the offer from Silver up there, note that Skalfa LLC is the only authorized SkaDate dating software vendor, so the only place to purchase SkaDate legally is SkaDate website www. We do offer a few paid add-ons, but skipping them won't turn your site into an under-featured 'core'. Our proof is our site idating. Is there a money back, no questions asked refund within a certain period of time? While we just have bought this company we are also honoring existing customers too. Besides the social graph, it features the most convenient tool to keep track of on-site activity ever - the newsfeed. However, we do understand that customers need alternative options. Basically, any software provider, whose servers are configured to meet our system requirements, is a good candidate for hosting a SkaDate-powered site. When we requested a refund, they summarily rejected the idea.

Skadate full dating software

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