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Targum pseudo jonathan dating

The Official Targum to the Prophets: The Targum to Psalms contains an interesting dramatization of Ps. These Targumim form a separate group, and, in view of their entire agreement in diction, hermeneutics, and use of the Haggadah, may have a common origin. This anecdote shows that there was a written Targum which was used for public worship in that century in Palestine, although there was no definitely determined and generally recognized Targum, such as existed in Babylonia. Uzziel is named as Hillel's most prominent pupil comp.

Targum pseudo jonathan dating

A responsum of Hai Gaon, already cited with reference to the Targumim, answers the question concerning the "Targum of the Land of Israel [Palestine]" in the following words: The Targum to the Prophets is undoubtedly the result of a single redaction. Venice, ; Lagarde, Hagiographa Chaldaice, Leipsic, This fact is mentioned in the legend, already noted, that Jonathan ben Uzziel was forbidden to translate the Hagiographa. A Palestinian Targum Targum Yerushalmi: The additional statements that on this account the entire land of Israel was shaken and that a voice from heaven cried: Characteristic of both these Targumim is the fact that they contain more variants from the Masoretic text in vowel-points and even in consonants than any other Targum, about fifty of them occurring in the Targum to Psalms, and almost as many being found in the Targum to Job, despite its relative brevity. On the Targum to the Hagiographa: The Targum to Psalms contains an interesting dramatization of Ps. Early in the fourth century Samuel ben Isaac, upon entering asynagogue, once saw a teacher "sofer" read the Targum from a book, and bade him desist. In some instances the original paraphrase is abbreviated in order that the translation may not exceed the length of the text too greatly; consequently this Targum occasionally fails to represent the original, as is evident from paraphrases preserved in their entirety in the Palestinian Targum, as in the case of Gen. In the portions where it is pure translation, it often agrees with the Targum Onkelos. Hillel ; and the reference to his Targum is at all events of historical value, so that there is nothing to controvert the assumption that it served as the foundation for the present Targum to the Prophets. Its correct title was originally Targum Yerushalmi Jerusalem Targum , which is how it was known in medieval times. Beck from an Erfurt codex of ; and it was again edited, by D. It originated, like the Targum to the Pentateuch, in the reading, during the service, of a translation from the Prophets, together with the weekly lesson. On the editions of the Targum to Chronicles see above. For example, Ishmael 's wife is called by the legendary Arabic name Fatimah. Targum, Halle, ; M. The story adds that Jonathan wished to translate the Hagiographa also, but that a heavenly voice bade him desist. A few years ago, however, Ginsburger edited under the title "Das Fragmententhargum" Berlin, a number of other fragments from manuscript sources, especially from Codex Parisiensis No. The Palestinian Targum Targum Yerushalmi: The Aramaic translation of the Bible. The content of the Targum shows, moreover, that it was composed in Palestine in the second century; for both in its halakic and in its haggadic portions it may be traced in great part to the school of Akiba, and especially to the tannaim of that period see F. The difference between the two is due to two facts: Targum to the Hagiographa: On any view, it cannot have been composed later than the early 14th century, as it is referred to repeatedly by Rabbi Menahem Recanati in his Perush 'Al ha-Torah.

Targum pseudo jonathan dating

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    The Aramaic translations of the Bible which have survived include all the books excepting Daniel and Ezra together with Nehemiah , which, being written in great part in Aramaic, have no Targum, although one may have existed in ancient times. If there is a tradition among them [the Palestinians] that it has been made the subject of public discourse since the days of the ancient sages [here follow the names of Palestinian amoraim of the third and fourth centuries], it must be held in the same esteem as our Targum; for otherwise they would not have allowed it.

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