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Things to do dating singapore

Just being with each other. Head over to Haji Lane, Clarke Quay and more to find fascinating artistic doodles on walls and public spaces. Head out for the Science Centre. Discover hidden historical gems by visiting the ethnic enclaves around the island. Enjoy craft beer at hawker centres Think Tiger is the only local beer we produce? Remember to drop off your name and contact number at the Information Booth by 4. Visit an orphanage or home for the aged and donate money, food, or used clothing. Couples can also create digital caricature of themselves while here.

Things to do dating singapore

It can be a trip to some kopitiam but the experience will still be great for the both of us. We go thrift shopping and movies or eat. End the night with an outdoor movie screening. We keep suggesting things until we can agree on something. Just being with each other. Make a list, perhaps? Play a video game together. With two bicycles balanced on connected boards, you and your partner can pump those pedals to skim across the Kallang. Go on a food trip and see who can eat the most. We usually just eat. Hop on a bus and explore the city together. Flickr — Craige Moor Jump on the bubble tea bandwagon Singapore has many national drinks, but not many that people would queue hours for. Ideas for couple fun 1 — All About Food 1. We say the tranquil beaches of Kusu Island are perfect for a picnic-day-out, or St. Check out these fun escape rooms in Singapore. We date occasionally since both of us are really busy, but weekend hangouts are a must. You will enjoy this too. Get your running shoes ready and head out for the sports stadium early in the morning. Here are 50 activities fun for couples to do together! Hungry Heroes via Facebook 4. Local breweries are popping up in the unlikeliest of places, but they sure are close to our hearts. Ask them if you could visit them for the weekend. I actually enjoy spending time like this. While there are countless ways to get fit in Singapore, few combine fitness and play as seamlessly as archery.

Things to do dating singapore

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    Catch an arthouse film at a restored indie cinema Take a break from flashy cinemas, and feed your inner culture vulture at The Projector. Head out for the Science Centre.

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