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Updating a crystal chandelier

If the chandelier is intact on the ceiling, ask an electrician to remove it if you feel unsafe doing it yourself. The first 'after' shot after the 'before' is worth a look-see. Resale shops and yard sales often carry cast-off chandeliers yearning for new life. Scalloped shells can be used in the same fashion, lighting up a bit when the chandelier is in use. Secure the sleeve around the chain with pins or hooks and loop tape if you want to swap the fabric out seasonally. Add glass globes around the candlesticks, tall enough to hide the bulbs, if you want to diffuse the light and cast the light upward toward the ceiling. Click here to see how they did it and how they came to the decision to spray the entire thing. She decided to ditch the shades and bling it out with crystals as well.

Updating a crystal chandelier

Repaint a chandelier outdoors, covering the socket areas with painter's tape or stuffing them with newspaper first. Paint New paint gives a fresh look to almost any chandelier, whether it was previously painted or bare metal. Brass with dangling glass sheets. Hanna had a one of a million light fixture before her makeover. Chain If the chain detracts from the look of your chandelier, create a custom sleeve for it from fabric that matches the room's decor. Scalloped shells can be used in the same fashion, lighting up a bit when the chandelier is in use. She gave her brass chandelier some class with new shades, fabric and some crystals. If the prisms are weathered, dingy, broken or plastic, discard them. Apply a second paint color, then remove the tape to reveal your design. Weave a thin grapevine through the holes in the chain to add a natural element to the chandelier; the vine can be wrapped around the arms of the chandelier as well. By updating such a find with a little fresh paint or modernization, you create a one-of-a-kind piece tailored to your sensibilities. Unscrew and remove the bulbs from the light fixture. The first 'after' shot after the 'before' is worth a look-see. Click here to see how they did it and how they came to the decision to spray the entire thing. Crystal Replacement Replace crystals on the chandelier with large beach-glass pendants -- blobs of colored glass with a hole drilled near the top for hanging. Stencil or stamp designs on the old ones for a speedy redo. Paint the underside of the fixture with the same minute dry time intervals. Select a spray paint that coordinates with your room decor. Paint the chain to match the chandelier, or paint some links of the chain in different colors for an unusual look. Repeat until the chandelier is sufficiently covered. Things You Will Need. Paint each arm or level of the chandelier a different vibrant color for a festive effect. Generally, the chandelier looks more modern if all those features are repainted. Polish and smooth the glass in a rock tumbler for a softer look. This next one might look like it is one of those 'just painted' projects, but it's a bit more than that, as Casa Cullen sprayed painted not only the metal parts but the glass parts too minus the crystals.

Updating a crystal chandelier

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