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What is W3C And W3C Validation ? Explained in Hindi

What does validating a website mean

However all things being equal I would think valid code better for search engines than invalid code. There are a number of reasons why you should validate your page. I always validate the template for my pages when I make a major design change. Conclusion As I mentioned above, it's generally a good idea to validate your web page. It may be found at: If you have a page with a lot of HTML coding, validate it to make sure you have it all correct. You can find offline validators on the free validators page I mentioned earlier. It is also possible that later versions of your browser will fix that bug, and your page will be broken when people use its latest incarnation. Vender specific prefixes such as -webkit and -moz will never validate by definition.

What does validating a website mean

Another way is to search the Internet for the solution. Although there is no perfect solution to this, you are not completely without resources. The W3C offers 5 reasons for why you should validate your code. The document has been updated over time, notably thanks to the many Web authors who shared their own rationale and motivation for using Web Quality checking tools. You can find offline validators on the free validators page I mentioned earlier. Untangling hacks on the other hand is never fun. In the past, many authors who relied on the quirks of Netscape 1. You can learn of new articles and scripts that are published on thesitewizard. Click the More Options link to see on each page to see. Some teachers also stress that automated validation tests are a good introduction to broader, more complex quality concepts such as accessibility. This article can be found at https: Depending on the complexity of your code, you may even want to test it with different browsers to make sure that your site looks the same in all of them, since it's possible that you are using features of HTML and CSS that are only implemented in some browsers but not others. It should work across more browsers and devices making it more usable and accessible. It is indeed one of the principal strengths of the web, that for example a visually impaired user can select very large print or text-to-speech without a publisher having to go to the trouble and expense of preparing a separate edition. Get more free tips and articles like this , on web design, promotion, revenue and scripting, from https: Hacks used to get something working may not. Sometimes when you run a page through a validator the list of errors seems so large that it looks like it will take days to fix them. Some people validate every time they make a modification to their pages on the grounds that careless mistakes can occur any time. It could be a misspelled piece of code or forgotten element the tag or style requires to work properly. A third way is of course to ask someone, whether it's someone you know personally, or someone on the Internet. Validation doesn't just mean putting your pages through some web driven testers. Otherwise you'll be completely lost here since I assume you at least know what these terms mean. Validation is important, and will ensure that your web pages are interpreted in the same way the way you want it by various machines, such as search engines, as well as users and visitors to your webpage. But what happens if you write a sentence that says "Chris ate a pie" when you meant that he ate a sandwich? Another person using a different browser that does not share that particular bug will end up viewing a page that does not show up correctly. Search Engine Visibility When there are errors in a web page, browsers typically try to compensate in different ways. The HTML Tidy validator listed on that page is available for numerous platforms including Linux, Mac, Windows, etc and has proven helpful to many webmasters the world over.

What does validating a website mean

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    Get more free tips and articles like this , on web design, promotion, revenue and scripting, from https: If you have no knowledge of HTML and CSS, you will probably have some difficulty figuring out what those errors mean, whether they are serious, and how to fix them.

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    This makes validation seem useless or costly to many people, and the following questions or statement are widespread: Why Web professionals choose to validate In early we asked the Web community if they thought there still was a strong motivation for validation.

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    There are a few which will also tell you which CSS features are supported by which browsers since not all browsers are equal in their CSS implementation.

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    In the past, many authors who relied on the quirks of Netscape 1. Validation can help future proof your work — Browsers are built with standards in mind.

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