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7 Women John Cena Has SLEPT WITH in WWE

Who is aj lee really dating

The shocking news of a divorce saw their relationship finally end. Well, apparently some of the animosity between the two of them was actually rooted in truth. The two started over a decade after their prime wrestling careers. Helms met his wife and ended up starting a family. McIntyre and Terrell got married before things fell apart in an ugly manner.

Who is aj lee really dating

There were rumors that WWE was planning to make them a part of the Total Divas storylines until the relationship quickly ended. It's hard to have a life outside of it. Again, the two of them never went public in a major way, likely so that WWE didn't try to manipulate an angle out of their relationship. Like his wife, CM Punk is a comic book aficionado and like his wife, his interest in the comics also began at a very young age. She challenged Paige to an impromptu rematch and won back the Divas Championship. Ziggler attempted to woo Nikki and lure her away from Cena with the promise of marriage and kids. Orton was 33 years and Jojo was only 19 during her first season on Total Divas. Test dated Stephanie McMahon on screen but that was not one of his real life relationships. It's Safe to say that both components of the now defunct relationship are with partners more suited to them. She hit his opponent, Alberto Del Rio, with her title belt to protect him from further head injury, prompting a disqualification. Naturally, the couple started fighting more when at home instead of on the road leading to a divorce. When Macho Man passed away in , CM Punk wore his Wrestlemania III attire of pink trunks, yellow pads and boots as a tribute and also integrating a version of his patented elbow drop as part of his move-set. Their relationship has overcome some hurdles in the past, that included Cena not agreeing to marriage or having kids, owing to past failures in his romantic escapades. The shocking relationship ended as poorly as one could have predicted. Advertising [x] Give TheSportster a Thumbs up! Joe and The Punisher. Cena isn't the only one bringing baggage to the relationship though. Lawler and Carter showed why. Later in the year, Punk started dating AJ Lee. The WWE couple is currently expecting a baby girl in spring next year. However, AJ always maintained that she had a long way to go to reach the level of Miss Elizabeth but at the same time appreciated the comparisons. After that, they never really had any on-screen stories together. McIntyre and Terrell got married before things fell apart in an ugly manner. New Jack started trashing Terri online and in various interviews. Both parties realized they would be best suited getting a divorce. However, the couple is currently happy and living together as shown in the reality series Total Bellas. The couple married in and has three daughters.

Who is aj lee really dating

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    They'll head out on a Friday for live events over the weekend, maybe work a pay-per-view, and then there's Raw and SmackDown Live of course. When The Showoff went in for the kiss, however, he got a slap for his troubles.

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    She also cited Harley Quinn as someone she tried to pattern her on-screen persona after.

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